Privacy policy

Privacy policy

Privacy and cookie policy

HorecaNederland.TV and Stenden Hotel Management School and their platform strive in all time to secure and protect the personal data from its visitors. To do this we follow the legal determinations of the Wet bescherming persoonsgegevens (Wbp).

Personal data

HorecaNederland.TV and Stenden Hotel Management School respects the privacy of its visitors. The personal data you provide us (firstname, surname and e-mail address) will be treated and secured with the upper most carefulness. The personal data will solely be used to inform you by means of newsletters about new online episodes and for asking you to partake in nice giveaways. Your data will never be provided to or shared with third parties, unless we have to answer to legal obligations.

When you share your data with us then we are responsible for these data and it’s u to us to make sure they are kept safe. HorecaNederland.TV and StendenHMS act in line of the Algemene Verordening Gegevensbescherming (AVG). If you don’t want to receive e-mails from HorecaNederland.TV, please let us know through info@HorecaNederland.TV or through the link you can find in the newsletter. You can also ask us through this e-mail address to look into, to correct or to transfer your data. You can send a request on insight, correction, removal, data transfer of your personal data (fort his we charge € 4,50 per single request) or an withdrawl of your permission or objection on processing your personal data to

We won’t keep your data any longer than is necessary for its goal for which we collected your data in the first place.

Special and/or sensitive data which we process

Our website and/or service doesn’t have the intention to collect data from website visitors who are younger than 16 years old. Unless they have permission from their parents or guardian. However: we cannot check if a visitor of our website is in fact 16 years or older. Therefore we advise parents to be involved in the online activities of their children to prevent children’s data to be collected without parental permission. If you are convinced that we’ve collected personal data from a minor without permission, please contact us through, so that we can remove this information.

Secure connection is only attainable through a SSL secured connection. This means completed data will be sent encrypted and cannot be read by third parties. After the data of the user are sent to StendenHMS.TV it will end up in the server network of HorecaNederland.TV. Within this network all connections are encrypted with SSL. The website StendenHMS.TV is hosted by TransIP.

We collect analytical data to check how visitors wind up on StendenHMS.TV or to measure the efficiency of our ads. Examples are the IP-address of the computer you use for internetting, the operating system, the internet browser you use and the webpages you visit. This way StendenHMS.TV can improve the quality and accessibility of its webpages. No personal data will be saved or stored while collecting these analytical data.

Therefore statistics and rapports can’t be traced back to individuals. Your IP-address will only be remembered for technical purposes, such as detecting problems on the website or combating abuse.

HorecaNederland.TV and Stenden Hotel Management School also want to point out the possibility to file a complaint at the national supervisor, the Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens. You can do so by using the following link:


StendenHMS.TV makes use of cookies to offer visitors an optimal user experience. Cookies are small tekst files which will be stored on the system of the visitor. There are several different kind of cookies, such as functional and social cookies.

Functional cookies

Functional cookies are necessary for the functioning of a website. StendenHMS.TV uses meet cookies for which visitor numbers are tracked by means of Google Analytics wherefore cookies are being placed. These functional cookies can be read by HorecaNederland.TV.

These cookies do not contain personal data.
HorecaNederland.TV therefore can’t use cookies for identifying users personally.
Meet cookies which are placed by Google Analytic can be approached by Google.

Social cookies

Social cookies are being used for integrating social media
on a websie. Buttons are inserted on our website to promote (like) webpages, to
watch episodes or to share episodes on social media like Facebook, YouTube and
Instagram. These buttons operate by means of pieces of code which comes from
Facebook, YouTube or Instagram. These parties place cookies on our website through
this code. We have no influence on this. Please read the privacy statement from
respectively Facebook, YouTube and Instagram (their statements can alter easily
from time to time) how they handle your (personal) data which they process through
these cookies. The information they collect will be anonymized as much as
possible. The information will be transported to and by Facebook, YouTube and
Instagram on servers in the United States.

How can I turn off cookies?

Turning off cookies only have consequences for the computer
and browser on which you perform this action. If you make use of a variety of
computers and/or browsers you should repeat this actions as often as necessary.

Turn off cookies:


Changing the privacy and cookie policy

This privacy and cooky policy can be altered. This policy will never conflict with the demands regulated by the Algemene Verordening Gegevensbescherming. Please check this page regularly to see if changes have been made regarding our

For questions about the privacy policy, please send an
e-mail to:

Or send a letter to:
HorecaNederland.TV BV
Machlaan 5
9761 TK Eelde (Airport Groningen), The Netherlands

Last update of this privacy and cookie policy took place
on 8 January 2020.

About StendenHMS.TV

Capturing hostmanship is the video platform of Stenden Hotel Management School. Everything you always wanted to know about hostmanship and hospitality are explained in short and clear videos. This platform also provides the opportunity for online livestreaming, for instance presentations, lectures or webinars. We believe the world asks for people who can give. People who know how to make other people feel welcome. People whose talent is management and providing service: hostmanship. It’s all about a certain mentality: the motivation to combine hospitality, sincere attention and leadership. A student of the Stenden Hotel Management School is ready for the future and is a ‘game changer’ in the hospitality industry. is the brand new video platform for Stenden Hotel Management School. The platform has been made in association with HorecaNederland.TV

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