How do you properly open a bottle of wine in a restaurant?


Recruitment - What is important in a job interview in the hospitality industry?


What conditions are necessary to preserve a wine as long and as well as possible?


Hotel reception – How do you check in your guests in a service-oriented way?


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Capturing hostmanship is the video platform of Stenden Hotel Management School. Everything you always wanted to know about hostmanship and hospitality are explained in short and clear videos. This platform also provides the opportunity for online livestreaming, for instance presentations, lectures or webinars. We believe the world asks for people who can give. People who know how to make other people feel welcome. People whose talent is management and providing service: hostmanship. It’s all about a certain mentality: the motivation to combine hospitality, sincere attention and leadership. A student of the Stenden Hotel Management School is ready for the future and is a ‘game changer’ in the hospitality industry. is the brand new video platform for Stenden Hotel Management School. The platform has been made in association with HorecaNederland.TV

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